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A pioneer in digital communication in the workplace, Marlin provides companies with software, content, hardware, and support to help them reach workers who are not seated at a computer. Marlin’s senior executives worried that the brand was growing stale. They tapped Taylor Design for a refresh that would make them stand out from industry competitors and upstarts. After developing a detailed strategy that clearly articulated a new company brand position, our team redesigned the company’s logo, publications, digital templates, presentations, and sales tools. The user experience of the new website was restructured to appeal to a variety of audiences. It now has an intuitive and contemporary look, modern typography and colors, engaging charts, icons, infographics, and ample use of Marlin-specific product visuals. After six months, the metrics revealed that traffic was up 63% and new business from web leads increased 181% over that same period. Marlin is attracting more qualified leads that convert to customers faster, and the website continues to garner compliments from prospects as well as current customers.


Branding, corporate, digital, print


Digital communications, inbound marketing, advertising, sales tools, thought leadership publications

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2017 - Present




Marlin provides hardware and software that’s easy for non-technical people to use. Because this is a crucial market differentiator, simplicity and clarity are key signals communicated both verbally and visually across the spectrum of Marlin materials. Everything from the logo to the color gradients to the text conveys this message, which is codified in the new brand identity guide.


They are that rare breed of agency that is strong in every area. The results speak for themselves. We are having a record-breaking year. Our new business is up 122% over last year.

Jude Carter, Vice President


To emphasize Marlin’s focus on the workplace, we chose the humble safety cone as the star of the new advertising campaign, placing it at the center of different industrial workplace situations. Marlin’s National Safety Council promotional campaign, which included ads running in their Safety and Health magazine as well as run-of-site ads on the NSC website, raised awareness of the Marlin brand and resulted in over 2,000 registrations for webinars.


Leveraging the Pardot marketing automation platform, inbound techniques bring prospects to Marlin with targeted marketing efforts aligned to their general needs and pain points. New ebooks offer visitors tricks and tips, best practices, and industry guidelines, appealing to them on an informative level and helping buyers develop a relationship with the Marlin brand. Over the course of five months, Marlin’s national sales team received over 250 qualified leads from the inbound program.

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