Lake Champlain Basin Program

Joining Forces to Improve the
Stewardship of Lake Champlain

The Lake Champlain Basin Program works in partnership with government agencies from New York, Vermont, and Quebec—along with private organizations, local communities, and individuals—to coordinate and fund efforts that benefit the Lake Champlain Basin’s water quality, fisheries, wetlands, wildlife, and recreational and cultural resources. The program’s website had not evolved over the years, so Taylor Design was approached to redevelop it. The new site was restructured with three primary areas of focus: water, culture, and education, with content ranging from invasive species monitoring and water quality reporting to bikeway trails and student’s pages. We integrated the grants and publication databases and created a volunteer outreach program, a media center, and activity calendars. The open source content management system allows LCBP staff to easily update the website.


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Driving Citizen Action for a Healthy Lake

The site appeals to a variety of constituents, from scientists and government officials to fisherman and farmers—all of whom have a stake in keeping Lake Champlain healthy and sustainable. Children can learn about Lake Champlain by becoming a “Clean Water Ranger” and playing “Water Wiz.” Adults can find nearby volunteer opportunities using the interactive map of watershed, lake, and river groups working in the basin. University students can study the locations and distributions of aquatic invasive plants and animals.

Their work brought our online presence to a new level of aesthetic appeal, sophistication and engagement, while simplifying and streamlining site maintenance.

Ryan Mitchell
Communications Director
Lake Champlain Basin Program

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