Front & Center: The Work

Why we’re all here.

  • Lake Champlain Basin Program

    Most large water bodies across the country have what is called a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), which is essentially a pollution budget that establishes limits for the amount of pollutants they can receive and remain healthy. Our client at the Lake Champlain Basin Program tasked us with creating a new website to explain TMDL and the problem that pollutants such as phosphorus create. The new Clean Water Commitment website features animations, videos, and other useful resources to show what is being done to keep the lake flourishing and the many ways people in the surrounding areas can help. Design by Steve, illustration and animation by Devin Renca, writing by Ryan Mitchell, and development by Chris and Hannah.

  • Brand Rehab

    Brand Rehab showcases a variety of projects produced by our studio over the past thirty years, from 1992 to 2022. Helping clients communicate, promote, train, reposition, entertain—or, quite simply, to differentiate their brands—we have served Fortune 500 corporations, software startups, educational institutions, healthcare systems, and many other organizations. Throughout the book Dan provides insights into the studio’s creative process and shares observations and ideas on the keys to success in the communications and branding industry. Design and layout by Dan and Steve, editing by Jim and Nora, and proofreading by Joni.

  • Cheshire Academy

    The eleventh oldest in the US, Cheshire Academy is a selective, co-educational college prep school located in Cheshire, Connecticut. With a reputation for athletics dominating its public presence, the school needed to present itself as an high-end institution that can accommodate both highfliers and students who need extra support. With new brand messaging, new creative executions, and investments in marketing outreach, CA has made significant inroads to building awareness, consideration, and intent among best-fit families in the US and abroad. Writing by Scott. Design by Bria. Photos by Bob Handelman and Chip Riegel.

  • Kyndryl

    Spun off from IBM‘s infrastructure services business, Kyndryl is an IT services provider that designs, builds, manages, and develops information systems. The O’Keefe Group came to us in late summer to help them plan and execute a cohesive communications initiative to raise awareness of changes in Kyndryl’s annual benefits enrollment. We created guides, emails, and intranet banners that grab viewer’s attention and deliver important information to Kyndryl workers around the world. Writing by Philip, Teryl, and JoAnne. Design by Steve.

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