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Columbia Business School is one of the world’s leading business colleges, offering students an active and entrepreneurial learning experience that bridges research and practice while providing a broad international perspective. Taylor Design was originally asked to redesign two publications with the goal of enhancing the school’s position as a thought leadership institution. “Columbia Business” is produced for the school’s 40,000 alumni and features interviews with business leaders and profiles of distinguished grads. “Columbia Ideas at Work” is the school’s flagship thought leadership publication and serves as a bridge between academic research and business practice. We continue delivering excellence to Columbia Business School in other ventures, focused on distinguishing their global brand and placing it solidly within the elite business school peer set.


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Magazine design, digital communications, branding, illustration, infographics

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2012 - Present


GDUSA, CADC, UCDA, Creativity International

Columbia Ideas at Work

Faculty members of Columbia Business School are engaged in pioneering research on issues that affect all areas of business. Ideas at Work offers key insights from this leading-edge research in an easily accessible format. The largest segment of the audience is alumni, faculty and staff of the school, for whom the publication conveys school pride in demonstrating that it is a place where world-class research is carried out. The other segment is business practitioners: Ideas at Work presents practical applications of research to help them understand their customers, motivate their employees, make strategic investment choices, and capture opportunity in today’s dynamic, global marketplace.

Your team’s redesign brought a vibrancy, freshness, and sophistication to the magazine. The new design has succeeded beyond our hopes and, in my experience, it is rare for a project to receive the unanimous praise that this one has.


Columbia Business

Our studio renamed and redesigned Columbia Business School’s flagship magazine from the ground up. Improvements included a new cover design with full bleed artwork and a larger, more eye-catching masthead; improved illustration and photography; a more dynamic news section with varied typeface sizes and a clear hierarchy of articles; additional components to the Class Notes section; and the development of special issue elements. The revamped publication reinforces the perception among alumni, prospects, faculty, staff, current students and the business community at large that Columbia Business School is the world’s preeminent business school.

event branding

For the past several years, our studio has been tasked with creating the event branding and associated communications for Columbia Business School’s signature events, including the Annual Dinner, the Pan-European Forum, and the Pan-Asian Forum.


From international forums and global study tours to MBA exchange programs and cross-border commerce classes, The Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business is the interdisciplinary hub of global business knowledge at Columbia Business School. We have created several communications for the institute, including their signature Chazen Global Insights e-Newsletter, digital invitation templates for forums, and a variety of thought leadership publications that deliver data-driven perspectives on doing business globally.

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