Freepoint Commodities

Where Physical Production
Meets Trading Expertise

How do you stand out in the crowded, hyper-competitive world of commodities trading? Freepoint Commodities found a way. It did so by creating a business model that positions the firm at the “intersection” of the physical (commodities) and the non-physical (financial services). From this unique market niche, Freepoint is able to more effectively highlight the full range of capabilities it offers potential investors, commodities producers, and refiners. To create a web presence that reflects its new persona and focus, Freepoint tapped Taylor Design to help them with a major overhaul. Today, Freepoint’s website has clear points of entry for both traders and investors. Contact information for the company’s global workforce is easier to find, and there’s even a Chinese language version of the site. Smart, authoritative, and results-oriented, the new website accurately reflects the Freepoint brand and strengthens the company’s position among its larger competitors.


Branding, corporate, digital, print


Digital communications, sales tools

Years Active

2013 - Present


Creativity Media & Interactive

I sang your praises and that of your team today. Your design direction, knowledge of current web technology, and response time was excellent. I really enjoy our working relationship.

Donna Vella
Communications Associate
Freepoint Commodities

Built with simplicity and security in mind

Programmed for optimal viewing on tablets and phones, the new website is also designed to make it easy for Freepoint’s staff to update content and visuals. And comprehensive security measures—including file administrator access management, automatic backups, brute force login attack prevention, and firewall protection—keep the Freepoint Commodities website secure.

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