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Passur is an aviation intelligence company that makes air travel more efficient by using predictive analytics to mitigate constraints for airlines. Their existing website didn’t immediately describe what they did, nor what made them special. More importantly, the site didn’t express the measurable value that Passur offers to its customers. Taylor Design was hired to revamp the website from scratch. To appeal to the target audiences, primarily senior airline and airport finance executives, the content was reorganized and rewritten with a focus on the benefits the company generates. To streamline content, specific product and technical content was moved to a suite of downloadable fact sheets. The new brand style is clean, organized, and modern, reflecting Passur’s mission to simplifying the complex. The new site communicates visually the innovative way Passur delivers services to its customers and reinforces their corporate mantra: “Smart information in the hands of smart people.”


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Delivering context and solutions

Passur addresses big, expensive problems. The site’s content focuses squarely on the business needs of airport and airline executives—enhancing the traveler experience, improving reliability, reducing costs, and minimizing emissions. In addition to serving its primary role for sales, the site has several unique sections: A media center with press releases, videos and an MIT Departure Metering study; an event portal for the annual Passur User Conference; a sales and technical support center; and a corporate governance area for potential and current investors.

Connecting with the world’s aviation professionals

Passur’s needs have expanded beyond the website. To reach prospective customers and keep their existing global aviation customer network in the know, we work closely with the marketing team to create magazine advertising, digital advertising, e-mail campaigns, trade show promotions, training materials, infographics, webinar presentations, and a suite of print and digital sales tools.

I wanted to thank you for being so focused and poised under pressure in the weeks leading up to our User Conference. You were a great partner in executing on a very successful Annual Passur User Conference.

Ron Dunsky
Senior Vice President
Passur Aerospace

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